Day ??? – Countertops

November 28th, 2011

(Wednesday, Nov. 23)

This update is coming to you remotely.  Tom and I traveled to Las Vegas on Monday to spend Thanksgiving week with Jason, Christy andtwo of our beautiful grandkids.  There has been quite the delay in getting the countertop installed.  The template work was completed -on Friday, Nov. 4.  When we purchased the countertops they told us it would take 1 week to 1 week and a couple of days.  Needless to say, ours took ALOT longer than that – two weeks and three (business) days!  It was very hard for me to leave town knowing that I would miss getting my progress pictures (and just seeing the progress in person).  Jamie at Tile City promised that he would take come pictures of the counter tops after they were installed.   (The following pictures of compliments of Jamie.)


The Last Dinner – I HOPE!!!!!!!!!

November 23rd, 2011

(The week of Nov. 14-18)

As it turned out this week was somewhat DISAPPOINTING in regards to the progress of the kitchen.  I was expecting to see alot of changes in my kitchen but it didn’t happen.

Pedro did deliver the pantry.  It was too big to be put into place so they cute off the toe-kick section.  They still could not get it into the area where it belonged so he removed the two side front panel pieces.


Our applicances were delivered on Thursday and are in waiting in our living room until they can be installed in the kitchen.

On Friday La-z-y Boy delivered……………………………

our two new chairs.

I did spong the walls in the bathroom.

Worked on painting the bathroom door.

Painted the little chair and a couple of other kitchen items.

Painted the heat vent.

And painted the trim white in the kitchen.  We also got our TV installed by the Geek Squad on Saturday.

Prior to leaving to Jason and Christy’s in Nevada for Thanksgiving and then do Utah for Autumn’s baptism Pedro assured me that I would return home to a beautiful kitchen. 

With that said – Tom and I are hoping that we have cooked our last dinner in our make-shift kitchen and………………

washed dished in our make-shift kitchen sink.

Here’s hoping!!!!!!!

Day 23 – Upper Cabinets

November 11th, 2011

(Tuesday, Nov.  8)

Today they installed the upper cabinets.

Here is the corner cabinet waiting its turn to be hung.

I am really loving the feeling of this layout.  I think I am going to love having the frig in the corner.

Another view.

Here a view of the office.

We have a problem – the fan is going to hit the door of the cabinet when it is open.  Solution:  the fan/light needs to be moved by about 6″.

What Have I Been Doing to Help with the Renovations

November 11th, 2011

Bathroom Door

I have been spending a lot of time stripping the paint off the bathroom door.  I have decided that this is probably the ONLY door that I will ever strip the paint off of.

First I removed all the hardware.

Applied some of the Paint Stripper/Remover to one side of the door.

The first couple of layers came off pretty easy – then the REST (about five colors worth) of the layers!!!!

I had to work outside because the fumes of the paint remover are so strong.

The Little Orange Chair

When I was thinking about needing a stool to step on when I want to get something off the top shelves I decided that this little chair would be just perfect.  Also, it would be fun to have it in the kitchen for the grandkids to use when they wanted to help in the kitchen.  I decided that it would look really cool to stain it the color of the cabinets.

So, back in September before the cruise I used the handle of the dinner knife to tap on the chair and chip off a bunch of the paint.

While stripping the door I figured I would also continue working on this cute little orange chair that I found on the curb a couple of years ago.

With all the nooks and crannies on this chair that I am going to paint it instead of staining it.  Just a little more work and it will be ready to paint.

We Have A Problem

After they installed the bathroom cabinet we realized that the sink that we had was too BIG for the cabinet.

I called around to some area stores and none of them had a small sink in stock and it would take 4-5 days to get it in.  Thank heavens for the internet.  I found this little sink on the internet and placed an order on Friday.  The sink arrived on Monday.

Here I am verifying that it fits (and trying to take the picture at the same time).  I delivered it to Tile City and they would get it to the company that is working on our counter tops.  I should not be the reason for a production hold-up! WHEW!!!!!!

An Expensive Box

Tom and I found this faucet at Home Depot and we decided that we would put into our bathroom.  Later we decided that we should also get a new towel rod and toilet paper holder.  Home Depot did not carry these items in the store but had them online.  While I was online getting ready to order the towel rod and toilet paper holder I saw the same faucet that we had purchased but it was $70.00 cheaper than the one we had purchased in the store.  Could it really be the same faucet?  The only way to find out was to order the one from the internet.  Above is a picture of the two faucets that we have.  The one on the left purchased at Home Depot – the one on the right (in the white box) is the one we received from purchased for $70.00 cheaper.  Surely they cannot be the same………………….

when we opened the boxes they look EXACTLY the same!  I am thinking the box on the left is a pretty expensive box.

Toilet Paper Holder

In preparing for the new toilet paper holder I had to pull the old one off the wall.

and it left a fairly large spot to repair.

I also found this piece of wallpaper  – another clue as to past colors of this house.

I am looking forward to when it is time to start putting our home back together.

Day 19, 20 & 21 – The Work is Continuing!!!!

November 11th, 2011

(Wednesday, Thursday & Friday – Nov. 2, 3, & 4)

Tom is fixing the wall because before we lived in the house someone had patched a place on the wall and then just painted over it without sanding the rough areas.  While I was painting the walls I noticed it and just looked the other way.  But it really showed up in the darker wall color.  While fixing that place Tom started trying to remove more of the imperfections.  Needless to say, that could turn into a big job.

I asked Tom to just work on this one wall.  I really didn’t want to have to repaint the entire kitchen.  Here is the wall all fixed and primed.

On Wednesday and Thursday they installed the base cabinets.

Another view of the base cabinets.

When I stand here if I squint I get a  glimpse of what our new kitchen it going to be like.  I am REALLY excited!

I am not exactly sure what was going on here, but I have faith in Pedro and…………..

I was right, the bathroom cabinet is in the right place now.

Friday morning they came and did the tempalte for the quartz counter top.

I was wondering how they would do this – here you can see how they used this thin wood and glue sections together to form the exact shape of the counter top.

Then he marked the template with the information the plant would need.

I thought this was a great idea of putting a clamp on the tip of the hot glue gun.

The completed templates ready to take back to the plant.

Day 17 & 18 – The Work Continues……….

November 7th, 2011

(on Monday, Oct. 31 and Tuesday, Nov. 1

Most of the cabinets have been delivered and place in their somewhat correct position.

I am really loving my cabinets.  Pedro says this is noting – this is rough work.  The doors are going to make them look really beautiful!

They worked on removing the swinging door.

Working to hard right now for my favorite “Cheese”.

The door is removed – This corner is starting to come together .

Stephen worked on the drywall in this little landing way by the basement stairs.

When they removed the hardwood floor from the office area in the kitchen they saved the pieces to use in the little landing area by the basement stairs.

Here Stephen is working on putting the new (old) hardwood floor down.

I am really glad that Pedro had the forsight to save the original hardwood to use in this small section.

Preparing the new recessed light fixture for this small area.

The final decision where the light switch/outlet will be placed.

I painted the ceiling.  I am finding it exhausting getting the painting completed.  I have to paint in the evening so I will not be in the way of progress.  Fun to see it all starting to come together.

Day 15 & 16 – Decisions! Decisions!

November 1st, 2011

(On Thursday, Oct. 27 & Friday, Oct. 28 and the week-end)

On Thursday I did some more prep work on the walls.  I was a nervous wreck working where the tile had been laid even though I had a drop cloth down.  On Friday morning I covered the entire floor with this heavy duty paper.

Just when I was finishing with putting the paper down Pedro showed up with more cabinets.  The corner cabinet was to big and would not fit through the door.  Pedro had to cut the toe-kick part off and will build a separate piece for that.

I have spent A LOT of time making sure that I liked the color of paints that we have chosen.  This is the color for the kitchen walls.  Okay, but my heart is not singing.

The red color on the left was a “not-so-good” idea for the bathroom.  Back to the drawing board for that room.

I thought that the darker green would be better, but Tom and one of my friends said that it would be too dark.  I agreed that maybe it was too dark, but maybe a color half-way in between. But, maybe I just wasn’t getting it – this color would be okay.

Then, Friday evening before going to the temple I was visiting with Emily and discussing my woes of the paint choice.  She agreed that a darker color would probably be better, but maybe not as dark as the next color.  So, on Saturday I took my paint back to the paint store and ask them to make it darker, but not as dark as the next color.  Came home and tried and this is what I had.

I talked to Tom about it and he said that he did like the lighter color better (and I let out of sigh of disappointment) but then added that he liked the darker color also.  He was living the moto – If I am happy he is happy.

As I started to paint I began to doubt myself – was this TOO GREEN????????

As I continued to paint and it dried – I really began to like it.

Now that it is finished – I LOVE IT!!!!! and I also now LOVE the fabric for the curtains for the kitchen.  IT is all beginning to come together.

Day 14 – SCARY……………………….

October 31st, 2011

(On Wednesday, Oct. 26)

Today the did the grout on the floor.  To me this was a pretty scary process.  It kind of took my breath away to see them pour that brownish mud like stuff on my beautiful tiles.

Then, if that wasn’t bad enough, Stephen started to spread it out ALL over my floor.  I was wondering if I was ever going to see my beautiful tiles again.

The spreading, wiping and cleaning seemed to go on forever…………………at times I wanted to start crying because of how messy my floor looked.

WHEW – he knew what he was doing.

Late Wednesday night when Tom and I returned home from our 3 Hour Salsa Dinner/Cruise we were greeted with four cabinets.  (THIS IS MAKING ME EXCITED!!!!!!!!)

The way Pedro had wrapped the cabinets I was worried they were way to dark – so I had to put my mind at ease.  I LOVE the color and can’t wait for them to be installed in our kitchen.

Now it’s my turn to do some of the work.  I will be painting the walls before they install any cabinets.

Day 12 & 13 – More Tile Work

October 27th, 2011

I forgot to mention that they installed the new outside door on Friday.  It’s pretty exciting to have an outside door that you actually have to turn the knob to open the door.  When it was windy I would have to lock our old door to keep it closed.

Still lots of work to make it look like it really belongs.

(On Monday, Oct. 24 and Tuesday, Oct. 25) 

On Monday morning the workers removed the outside and bathroom doors to make it easier to work while installing the tiles in the small areas.

Here is the door to my………………..


On Tuesday they did some of the wiring.  Over the weekend Tom was looking closer at the location of the outlets.  When he realized that the outlet from the computer was in the next cabinet he said this was unacceptable.  I had told Pedro that also but he told me that he would just drill a hold to put the wires through.  Tom did not want this, so he got them to move the outlet.  (I guess I had had to push so hard for the location of some of the other outlets that I just let this one go.  I am glad that Tom put his foot down and now it is exactly where I wanted it.)

I think this guy loves life.  He was walking on these boards to make some adjustments to some of the tiles.  He loves the camera and always smiling or doing something funny for it.  (I know this picture is kind of blurry – but it’s the only one that I took.)

The tiles are completed.  This is getting really exciting!!!!!

We Interrupt this Renovation………………for an Impromptu Party.

October 27th, 2011

(On Saturday, Oct. 22)

Chris, Maryellen, Brian and Isa ended up coming to our house for dinner.  Not a problem – if you have a kitchen.  Actually it really wasn’t a problem – it was a very fun adventure.

Tom and I were planning on having mini pizzas made on english muffins cooked in our toaster oven.

To help with the cooking Brian and Isa brought there toaster oven.

Here are all the yummy toppings for the mini pizzas (in paper bowls).  Tom and I have been very good about using our dishes but I decided that I didn’t want to wash dished for six people in my bathroom sink – so I pulled out the paper goods.

It’s a lot of fun having some of our fmaily live close enough to just drop in and hang out.

Thanks for a fun evening!!!!!