What Have I Been Doing to Help with the Renovations

Bathroom Door

I have been spending a lot of time stripping the paint off the bathroom door.  I have decided that this is probably the ONLY door that I will ever strip the paint off of.

First I removed all the hardware.

Applied some of the Paint Stripper/Remover to one side of the door.

The first couple of layers came off pretty easy – then the REST (about five colors worth) of the layers!!!!

I had to work outside because the fumes of the paint remover are so strong.

The Little Orange Chair

When I was thinking about needing a stool to step on when I want to get something off the top shelves I decided that this little chair would be just perfect.  Also, it would be fun to have it in the kitchen for the grandkids to use when they wanted to help in the kitchen.  I decided that it would look really cool to stain it the color of the cabinets.

So, back in September before the cruise I used the handle of the dinner knife to tap on the chair and chip off a bunch of the paint.

While stripping the door I figured I would also continue working on this cute little orange chair that I found on the curb a couple of years ago.

With all the nooks and crannies on this chair that I am going to paint it instead of staining it.  Just a little more work and it will be ready to paint.

We Have A Problem

After they installed the bathroom cabinet we realized that the sink that we had was too BIG for the cabinet.

I called around to some area stores and none of them had a small sink in stock and it would take 4-5 days to get it in.  Thank heavens for the internet.  I found this little sink on the internet and placed an order on Friday.  The sink arrived on Monday.

Here I am verifying that it fits (and trying to take the picture at the same time).  I delivered it to Tile City and they would get it to the company that is working on our counter tops.  I should not be the reason for a production hold-up! WHEW!!!!!!

An Expensive Box

Tom and I found this faucet at Home Depot and we decided that we would put into our bathroom.  Later we decided that we should also get a new towel rod and toilet paper holder.  Home Depot did not carry these items in the store but had them online.  While I was online getting ready to order the towel rod and toilet paper holder I saw the same faucet that we had purchased but it was $70.00 cheaper than the one we had purchased in the store.  Could it really be the same faucet?  The only way to find out was to order the one from the internet.  Above is a picture of the two faucets that we have.  The one on the left purchased at Home Depot – the one on the right (in the white box) is the one we received from HomeDepot.com purchased for $70.00 cheaper.  Surely they cannot be the same………………….

when we opened the boxes they look EXACTLY the same!  I am thinking the box on the left is a pretty expensive box.

Toilet Paper Holder

In preparing for the new toilet paper holder I had to pull the old one off the wall.

and it left a fairly large spot to repair.

I also found this piece of wallpaper  – another clue as to past colors of this house.

I am looking forward to when it is time to start putting our home back together.

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  1. MaryAnne says:

    Yes, classes are going on. I told all the parents of my students to make sure their child used the bathroom before coming to class because I bathroom was not going to be very easy to get to. Last week at the end of class one girl was telling her mother that she need to go to the bathroom, her mother told her she will just have to wait until they get home. I am sure my students will be glad when I am done with this remodel also.

  2. Susan says:

    Painter removal is a terrible job, but it will be beautiful when you are done. Are you teaching sewing classes during all this remodel?

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