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The Wait is Over – The WINNER Is…………………..

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Thank you to all those that played along and helped me celebrate my birthday!  Everyone that played along will receive a Hexapin.  Email me your name, address and preferred color and I will put it into the mail for you.

The winner of the Easy Does It Hexabag is ……………………………………………………..


Now the answers to the games.

Which Quilt Am I With Answers  – PDF version w/links to quilts

I was trying to be all fancy and have the link go from each individual picture above – but I have spent way to much time on this already – so I am including the links below:

1.  To the Beach and Beyond
2.  Under Water Madness
3.  Back to School
4.  The Generations Unite
5.  Something Old Become Something New
6.  Autmn’s Profile
7.  Grandma’s Hexagarden
8.  Sunflower Power
9.  J&J Wedding Quilt
10.  Fall Surprises

Viewer’s Choice – there were not enough votes to determine the favorite quilts of you blog readers.  But, I did say that I would share the results of the View’s Choice from the QQQ Birthday Party last June.

1st Place:  The Generations Unite
2nd Place:  #13
3rd Place:  Grandma’s Hexagarden

Thanks for playing along.

The Party Continues

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

This Give-a-way is over.  You can see the results on this blog entry.

At the QQQ 50 1/2 Birthday Party we also had the game – Pin the Block on the Quilt. 


Since I could not figure out how to do a virtual version – I am sharing a picture of the quilt I made for the game.  All you need to do to particiapte in this game is leave a comment.  If you want another chance to win – blog about the Birthday Party Give-a-ways on your blog and leave a comment with a link to your blog.  There will be three winners – each receiving a Hexapin.  You have until Monday, Dec. 21 at Midnight (Eastern Standard Time) to enter.  You will also be entered into the Grand Prize Drawing for the Easy Does It Hexabag.  (You can read about all the details of the whys of this Grand Prize Drawing on my Dec. 13th post.)

Thanks for stopping by and helping me celebrate my birthday.

Mary Anne

Viewer’s Choice

Monday, December 14th, 2009

This Give-a-way is over.  Please visit this blog entry to see the winner.

At the QQQ Birthday Party those attending had the opportunity to participate in a Viewer’s Choice Award.  So, now is your chance to participate in the on-line version. 

Once again, three winners will be chosen and each wil receive a Hexapin.  All enteries will be entered in the drawing for the Grand Prize.  (Read the post from Dec. 13 for all the details).  

After looking at the quilts in the galleries just tell me which quilt is your favorite (1st place) and next favorite (2nd place) and next favorite (3rd place). 

Here’s how to do it – leave a comment with this information:
1st Place:
2nd Place:
3rd Place:

Here are the ribbons that were awarded at the QQQ Birthday Party.  (FYI – we will not be giving out an Honorable Mention during this competition.)
Next week I will share the results of the voting both here on-line and from the Party.

I hope you are enjoying your day!!!!

Let’s Party with Birthday Giveaways!!!

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

This Give-a-way is over.  See the winners and answers here.
Autumn's Birthday Picture

A big thank you to my six year old ganddaughter for this wonderful birthday greeting.

Six months ago today we celebrated my QQQ 50 1/2 Birthday.  We had a few activites that involed the quilts.  I wanted to share these activites with my online friends but at the time of the party my website gallery was very incomplete.  In October I launched a new website designed by Gloderworks complete with an extensive gallery.  So, to celebrate my birthday I will be hosting an online versions of some of these activities that we had at the party.  And of course – with any party there has to be some prizes.  There will be many was to be entered into the drawings.   Each post that includes an activity will have three winners – a Hexapin.  All the indiviual enteries from each post will be entered into the drawing for the Grand Prize – an original Easy Does It Hexabag made by me.  Keep reading for all the details.

Visit back often  in the next few days to increase the number of times you will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing.

Ways to enter into the drawing for a specific post:
1.  Leave a comment on the post

2.  Share about the Birthday celebration on your blog and leave a comment with a link to the post.

3.  Emailing me ( your answers from the particular activity.  Entry points will be determined following this criteria for correct answers:  100% – 5 enteries; 80%-99% – 4 entries;  50-79% – 3 enteries; 30-49% – 2 entereis;  at least one correct answer – 1 entry.

4.  One entry into the drawing will be given for posting a comment on the specific post telling me you have participate in the activity and have emailed the results to me.

All entries into individual posts will be entered into the drawing for the Grand Prize drawing.

You will have until midnight (Eastern standard time), Monday Dec. 21, 2009 to submit your comments and emails to be considered for the drawings.  Good luck and let the games begin.

Today’s activity – Which Quilt Am I?  (PDF version)
Which quilt Am I (contact info)


Above is pictured a close-ups of 10 of the quilts that I have made during the past decade.  Visit the gallery on my website and see how many quilts you can identify.

Remember to email ( me your answers to increase your chances to win in one of the drawings or for the Grand Prize drawing!!!



Learning Curves

Friday, October 16th, 2009

A quick note from Houston.

Tom and I have been in Houston since last Saturday. Market and Festival have been wonderful, but totally overwhelming. Also, my new website went live the day before we left New York which entailed switching it over to Word Press (and the fact that we have to sit in the lobby to get internet access) has made blogging an all new experience too. If that wasn’t enough new stuff in my life at once, we also purchased me a Blackberry a couple of days before our trip. I am feeling totally overwhelmed with all this new stuff.

I have seen some wonderful quilts and I am so excited to get back to my studio and creating!!!! We have also done a lot of the tourist things while here.

It is all GREAT and I will write more next week (and share some pictures).

Mary Anne

What should my name be????

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009
Thanks to everyone that took the time to share an idea for a name and also embellishing ideas. (Winner info at the end of this post.) Now I need to make a bunch more turkeys to use all the fun ideas. (This is a sample that I made last week. The turkey is just laying on the feathers. I am going to make a different turkey because the body is to close in color to the brown feathers.)Here are the names that were suggested for the Turkey Quilt:
1. Gobble, Gobble
2. Turkey Trot
3. Too Cute to Eat Turkey Quilt
4. Hot & Spicy Tom
5. Jittery Turkey!
6. Pardon Me
7. Mr. SnoodleStill want a chance to win a copy of this pattern?
Leave a comment of which name you like the best! I will choose a winner from the comments left and also the person who suggested the name who gets the most votes will win a free pattern for the turkey also. This contest will run until Monday, Sept. 28 at 6:00 am.As I was marking the applique pieces I wasn’t sure what the red thing hanging off the beak was (even though I was a daughter of a turkey farmer) so I did alittle reasearch. So, here is a little turkey trivia:
The snood hangs off the turkey’s beak and the wattle hangs off the neck / throat area. Both are usually red.

And wanting to give credit for my trivia – here is where I found the answer:
The workshop was GREAT on Saturday with the ladies from Rebecca Reel’s Quilters. I am so sad that my camera’a battery died (shame on me for leaving home without the back-up battery, but sometimes I am lucky to leave home with my head on straight). This group were very creative and I have a whole years worth of 3-D projects to work on. FYI – I also have designed a much easier way to sew the large feathers together.

Now for what you all have been waiting for:

The winner of last week’s contest is: Natierae.

Please send me your address and I will launch this turkey pattern on its flight to you. Estimated deparature date will be at the beginning of November.

Thanks again for all the fun ideas shared last week.

Mary Anne

And the Winner is………

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

Debbie said…
It’s so nice that you had so much fun with your students this summer, Mary Ann. I love statistics, LOL! Those critters are so cute. Please count me in. Thanks.

Please send me your address and your Critters will be on their way.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to stop by and visit. Keep watching my blog for more give-a-ways. There will be a very special one in a month or so when I introduce my newly designed website. Take care and I hope to get back to quilting soon. I have been doing alot of behind the screen work for my newly designed site.