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What should my name be????

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009
Thanks to everyone that took the time to share an idea for a name and also embellishing ideas. (Winner info at the end of this post.) Now I need to make a bunch more turkeys to use all the fun ideas. (This is a sample that I made last week. The turkey is just laying on the feathers. I am going to make a different turkey because the body is to close in color to the brown feathers.)Here are the names that were suggested for the Turkey Quilt:
1. Gobble, Gobble
2. Turkey Trot
3. Too Cute to Eat Turkey Quilt
4. Hot & Spicy Tom
5. Jittery Turkey!
6. Pardon Me
7. Mr. SnoodleStill want a chance to win a copy of this pattern?
Leave a comment of which name you like the best! I will choose a winner from the comments left and also the person who suggested the name who gets the most votes will win a free pattern for the turkey also. This contest will run until Monday, Sept. 28 at 6:00 am.As I was marking the applique pieces I wasn’t sure what the red thing hanging off the beak was (even though I was a daughter of a turkey farmer) so I did alittle reasearch. So, here is a little turkey trivia:
The snood hangs off the turkey’s beak and the wattle hangs off the neck / throat area. Both are usually red.

And wanting to give credit for my trivia – here is where I found the answer:
The workshop was GREAT on Saturday with the ladies from Rebecca Reel’s Quilters. I am so sad that my camera’a battery died (shame on me for leaving home without the back-up battery, but sometimes I am lucky to leave home with my head on straight). This group were very creative and I have a whole years worth of 3-D projects to work on. FYI – I also have designed a much easier way to sew the large feathers together.

Now for what you all have been waiting for:

The winner of last week’s contest is: Natierae.

Please send me your address and I will launch this turkey pattern on its flight to you. Estimated deparature date will be at the beginning of November.

Thanks again for all the fun ideas shared last week.

Mary Anne

The Creative Juices and Give-a-way!

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

(The Give-a-way details are at the end of this post. )

This Saturday I am teaching a workshop on making this Turkey quilt. So, I have been spending some time getting ready. Below is one of the samples I experimented with last week. I was alittle off in my drafting and I had to add an additional section to make the circle meet.

(The turkey is actually just a copy of the original quilt.)

The extra sections worked for me but I don’t think that it is a good idea to make a workshop based on a pattern that is incorrect. Over the weekend I had a BRAINSTORM on how to draft the pattern pieces – I am using Word and just rotate one of the lines the amount that I want. This technique is right. Pretty exciting, especially because the pattern is already in my computer and ready to be mass produced.

Now for the turkey – there is one problem, he is bigger than a legal sized piece of paper – how do I handle this?

Well, I scanned my rough drawing in sections

and then used Word to convert it to a line drawing. Sounds pretty simple, but it took most of yesterday to do all of this.

I decided to go the extra mile and also offer a pre-printed kit for the fusible pieces.
(I just need to label the pices t0 make it easier to layout the turkey.)

I am wondering if this would be simple to do in EQ – do you know?

This is great for me since I need to make up a few turkeys in different stages. It is great not to have to trace the pieces each time.

Now for the samples that I have been working on.

I am thinking about some different kinds of embellishments. Any suggestions on what you might use?

There are three rows of Fun Fur (I am telling you because two the of rows hardly show up. This is a great lesson is what the lack of contrast does (or does not do)).

Now for the Give-a-way. I am looking for a name for this pattern. I have been referring to it as Turkey Quilt or Tom the Turkey, but I am sure that someone out there has a much better name for this fun project. Help me with my quest to name my cute turkey pattern and you will be entered into the contest for a free pattern of this turkey. The pattern should be out at the beginning of November.

What more chances to win, here are the ways to increase your odds:

1. Leave a comment for one chance to win .
2. Suggesting a name for the pattern will get you another chance to win.
3. Offer a suggestion(s) on an embellishment will give you another chance.
4. Posting about this Give-a-way on your blog and including a link to your post here in the comment section will give you an additional chance.
The contest will end at midnight Saturday, Sept. 19, 2009.
Due to a requests I am extending the deadline to enter this Give-a-way until Monday morning (9-28-09) 6:00 am (no I am not going to be up at that time to read the last few entries) my time in New York.
Let your creative juices flow and share your ideas here. Thanks in advance!
Next week will be the contest to vote for your favorite name. The person that suggested the name that gets the most votes will also receive a free turkey pattern.
Gobble! Gobble!

Turkey Quilt completed

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008
The Turkey Quilt is completed.

I used 606 Spray on the back of silk leaves. I quilted the veins into the leaves to make the leaves more secure.

Back to School quilt and the Turkey quilt

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

I am contining to get more aquainted with George and I am liking it more and more.I completed the quilting on the Back to School quilt and have attached the rod pocket (the story of the rod pocked will be disclosed when I complete the quilt and include the label on this blog (see above) and binding. Now for the hand work.

Last night I pin basted the Turkey quilt and have started quilting it. I am wondering if there is anyway I can get these two quilts done this month. I have a couple of more days, so maybe so. That would make for a productive month in completing some of my UFOs.

The QQQ (50 1/2 Birthday) party is getting closer and closer – so I have to continue to be productive on my UFO’s.

October Summer

Monday, October 8th, 2007
One thing that I think I appreciate more since living in the East is the Fall weather. It is such a relief after just enduring the HOT, HUMID, and HAZEY summers that we have. The air feels crisp and it seems so nice to have the windows open. I added the above statment to my draft earlier this week -, little did I know that the HOT, HUMID and HAZEY conditions were coming back with a vengence. Needles to say – the AC has been going in our house these past few days. But, I have been comfortable down sewing this week-end while Tom has been at a Scout Training (Wood Badge) program. I watched conference on my laptop and have been perfectly happy. Here are a few things that I have been working on:
Here is a picture of the Hexabag that I just completed for Autumn!
Next week I am teaching the Color Wheel Magic workshop for a guild in New Jersey.
I have been playing around with some other ideas of how I can use this technique. I also like to have a few different ideas to display at the workshop. Plus this helps me work out the bugs in the pattern.

I have also been piecing a quilt top (twin bed size) for the Verteran’s quilt project that Village Squares Quilter’s is working on. In White Plains – Common Grounds is creating a half-way house for veterans. They asked if VSQ quilters wouls make quilts for each of the beds. They need about 50 quilts by mid-December. No picture as of now, I will show one when I get it quilted.

We received an email with these adorable pictures of our Grandson – Ty! Cutest grandson I have!!!!!!!!