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Facemasks by Mary Anne

Saturday, May 9th, 2020

Facemasks anyone?   Now for sale!!

Yankees!  Mets!  Many more options!!!  See choices below.

To order:
Text: 914-738-2783

Masks include:
– Sewn-in non-woven interfacing for added protection.
– Wire over the nose for a snug fit.
– Inside pocket where an additional filter can be inserted.
– Washable

Sizes Available:
Teen/Adult Small (11+ yrs)
Child (5-11 yrs)
Child Small (up to 4 yrs old)

Sales Price:  $20.00 per facemask (includes shipping)

Payment Options:
Venmo:  @Mary-Anne-C
Zelle or Paypal:

Masks are made to order once payment is received.

Any questions, please contact Mary Anne:
Text:  914-738-2783

Colors #9 – SOLD OUT

Batiks #10 – SOLD OUT

Astronomy #1 – SOLD OUT

Batik Fabric Scraps

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Picture taken looking into the box of  batik fabric scraps.


Picture taken of the scraps dumped out of the box.


Picture taken of the pile of scraps split in half.


2011 Train Day

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Saturday, Dec. 17

Tom finished his new train layout and we hosted our Annual Tom’s Train’s open house.  There was ALOT of construction dust and dirt to get cleaned up to be ready.  The floor is looking better.

Here is our new arrangement of our living room.  I think I like it.

Another angle.  Looking forward to working in this room to make it really nice like the kitchen.

Here are a couple of kids that came.  They are enjoying the trains.

After seeing the trains they come down for hot chocolate and cookies (maybe next year they will be homemade cookies – but not this year.

Lot of compliments on the new kitchen.  

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Monday, Dec. 12
We did not have very many shelves yet, but I decided that I did have to wait for all the shelves to be in, I would unpack where I could.  This is the cabinet above the refrigerator.  I love the arrangement for the shelves.  Great use of this space.

Tuesday, Dec. 13 – Happy Birthday Mary Anne

What a great birthday present – Pedro came and installed the rest of the shelves.  Now it is time for me to get busy.

I love Amazon.  I purchased these drawer dividers to use to organize with.

Birthday flowers from my sweetie!

Friday, Dec. 16

I have been having a great time putting things away in my new kitchen.

Here is the silverware drawer all organized.

Whoops – found a few more things for this drawer.

Here are cabinets on either side of the microwave.  I keep moving things around to make working in my kitchen the easiest it can be.

It is sooooooooooooooo nice to have room to put things away.

Here is my new KitchenAide Mixer on the counter in the corner.

The cabinet above the mixer with all the baking supplies.

Overall view of the kitchen – I am smiling!

The office drawer organized.  It is fun knowing what you have.

Overview of the office.

Teaching/Vending at HMQS in Salt Lake City, UT

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Last Fall I was contracted to teach 3 classes and one lecture at the Home Machine Quilting Show (HMQS) in Salt Lake City, Utah.  A couple of months later I got this CRAZY idea that we should also get a booth and vend at the show.  I am not quite sure why I thought this was a good idea, but we (me and my very supportive husband) committed to this.  So, for the past few months I lived and breathed (except when I was distracted with some other major events – more about them may be coming later) getting ready for this show.

Here is our booth all set-up and just waiting for the fun to begin.

My first class started at 8:00 am on Thursday.  I had sixteen wonderful students in my Disappearing Rainbow class.  We had a great time (sorry no pictures because my camera was in some bag somewhere).  Juananne did post about the class on her blog.

The show had been open for a few hours before I even got to be at the booth to see how things were going.  My husband is so great – he took care of the final set-up and selling while I was teaching .  After my class was over it was off to present my lecture –  “The Legacy Lives On – Six Geneartions of Quilters”.  What a great opportunity to share because we had three generations there – Me, Emily (my daughter) and Autumn and Prairie (my two granddaughters).  I showed the quilt (Tricky Squares) that Autumn gave me and the blocks that Prairie is working on.

Here is a picture of some of the venders at the show.

Thursday afternoon – I am finally at the booth.

Saturday morning I taught the Mini-Magic class and in the afternoon a two hour induction into the Hexamanic Club – Let the Hexamania Begin.  My sister Susan, her two daughters (one officially and one to just watch) and her adorable grandson came to this class along with a bunch of other hexagon lovers.

I think the real plus for us deciding to vend was the motivation this gave me to get seven of my patterns published.  Many of them were started, but not finished.  Well now they are finisihed and ready for you quilters.  They will be up on my website very soon.

Here is my best friend and business partner (aka husband).  I could never have done this wild adventure without him!  I really appreicate him taking a week of his vacation time to work by my side.  (The Queen of Projects was in top form and there were some pretty late nights followed by some really early mornings.)

I am happy to report that by being at this show two shops have picked up some or all of my patterns.  In this picture Tom is helping Judy from the Stitching Post in Wyoming with her purchase for her store.  Also, Kate Thomas from Sew Armadillo (an on-line store in Australia) picked up all of my patterns.  Needless to say, I am pretty excited about this.

He was even very good sport and was willing to wear the shirt with my new logo on it.  The logo was designed by my daughter-in-law, Isa Ciccotelli.  She does great work.

Here is the happy business couple on the third day.

The show is over and we are packing up.  I am not sure how those that vend week after week do it.  It is alot of HARD work.

Thank you to Ann Collect and everyone that worked on the show.  It was a wonderful experience and I hope to see you again next year (to teach at least, I have not decided about this vending stuff)!

Comfort Zone

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

At the beginning of 2011 I made a goal to go to the gym more regularly (I know, lots of people make this goal) and attend classes because I get a much better workout that way.  I also wanted to be conscious of what I was eating.  I was doing great until my brother passed away and I was out of town for three weeks.  Since then I have had a really hard time getting back into enjoying the exercising – I am just doing it.  This week has been no different – but today I committed to myself that I would go and attend a strength training class.  When I arrived  at the gym it was not the Inside Out class that I was expecting but it was Pilates Infusion – no problem I am thinking, this will still fit into my strength training goal.   I had arrived a few minutes late (I was trying to talk myself into not going), the classes had not started yet but the room was packed.  Each person was to get a 2 lb medicine ball and a mat.  There were neither left – I found a suitable replacement for the ball and decided that I had plenty of fat that I could go without a mat.  I found me a spot with sufficient room just inside the door.  The class started and I was good to go.  A few more people arrived later than me and two of them decided that my sufficient space was also big enough for them to squeeze into.  I don’t like to be floor hog so I moved over to make room for them.  All three of us did not have mats – but they are not quite as self-sufficient as I am in this area.  Before long I realize that one lady has left – yah, some room to kind of move again.  But, then she returns with a mat ———- wow, I didn’t think of going to the Yoga studio and getting a mat there – good idea, but if I leave I probalby will not have any space when I get back.   I was also thinking that it would have been really nice for the lady to bring a few extra mats down with her–but not to be.

The class progressed along very good, in fact, I was thinking that I like pilates.  Then we got to this exercise where we were laying on our back and rotating our legs from one side to the other.  I was so squished against the wall that there was no way I had room to do this exercise.  I kindly asked one of the squaters to move alittle to some open sapce in fromt of her so that I would have room (I didn’t think this was too unrealistic of a request since I was there first).  She kind of moved but not very willingly.  Then the insturctor came back and told me to move to this other area of the room where there was more room.  Yes indeed there was more room, but is was basically on the front row.   Talk about making me uncomfortable.  The room has mirrors on one wall and I really don’t enjoy seeing a full reflection of this fat old lady in the mirror and I am sure that others feel the same way.  As I continued with the class I could feel me loosing control of my emotions and the tears were beginning to well up in my eyes.  Only 20 minutes to go, but I realized that I would never be able to keep control of my feelings for that long.  I gathered my stuff up and beelined it for the restroom.  Of all times for there to be a line——–I HAD to keep it together for just a few more minutes.   When I finally got into the bathroom stale I covered my face with a towel and just sobbed.   

While sobbing in the bathroom I reflected on an other time in my life that I used the bathroom stale as a refuge to cry my eyes out.  It was just after my divorce was final and I started to attend dances.  That was pretty humiliating in the beginning.  I would stand there and it felt like the men (which were out numbered by the women by alot) would just walk up and down the rows of us cattle trying to deicde who they were going to choose to pick this time around.  Needless to say, I would endure it for awhile and then I would go into the bathroom and sob for awhile.  I used to measure how I enjoyed the dance by how many times I went to the bathroom to cry. 

While attending all these classes at the gym I think that I have learned alot about how to be a better teacher.  As I was driving home I was thinking about how I could apply the experience this morning to my quilting life.  First off, by attending classes that I am out of my comfort zone it has given me more empathy for those student that my be struggling and how just a smile here and there and a word of encouragment means so much.  Also, realizing what might seem like an easy fix to me as a teacher might put the student in a place where they are not ready to go – way beyond their comfort zone.

Anyway – I will get back on the bike – infact, but I will try to arrive a few minutes early so I can get a space on the back row but in the opposite corner of the door.  That way I might have a better chance of maintaining my space.  I also now know that I do not do well on the front row and I would tell the insturctor to ask one of the other people to move becuase I do not want to move to the front of the class where I would be in full view on the mirror.

Now off to try and get my router talking to my wireless hard-drive that is holding all patterns that I am working on hostage.

Have a great day!

2010 Christmas Craft Project

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Once again the Christmas season and  need for a new craft project is upon me.  This year I have actually created two.  (Maybe because I didn’t make one last year, or maybe because I am working ahead.  LOL)

The first one I designed was these gingerbread men.  You can see the progression from right to left.  Each alittle different.  I am not exactly sure which one I like the best.  How about you?

I think since I was not completely satisfied with the gingerbread man I moved onto another project.  The wooden soldier.  I really like the way he came together.  I am thinking that I need to get some really tiny fleshed colored pom poms and use one for his nose.

Here are the projects from past years.  The snowman is pretty boring in this picture because my decorated one way used as a last minute gift and I have never decorate another one.

I love it when my students are creative and make the project their own.  This student made her snowman ready for a visit to Hawaii.

What fun ideas would you use on your holiday craft project.

Who Know? Not this Idaho Girl!

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Thursday night while I was ironing Tom’s shirt he started looking at the third skyline piece that I was working on.  He looked and looked and then just walked away without saying nything.  I knew there was something wrong.  He was very hesitant to say anything because he didn’t want to hurt my feelings.   Finally I got him to tell me what was wrong with my piece – the skyline was kind of mixed up.  To me all the parts were there, so it was okay.  But to Tom – someone that was born in New York City and has lived around this area all his life, he picked it out imediately.  Do you see the problem or are you on Team Mary Anne?

Here is the skyline in the correct order.  Once I changed things around it did seem “just right”, but I sure did not sense the problem before hand.  I decided that part of the problem was that I was trying to make the skyline fit how I always see it – fromt the George Washington Bridge and also New Jersey.  After looking at the fabric Tom pointed out that it was printed from a Queens-Brooklyn prospective.  So, that is what I have now.

After realizing this, I went back and changed one of the first pieces that I was working on.  I did one cut and was able to rearrange the skyline. 

The other small one (10″ x 10″ block) has already gone to its new home, so I will always remain a naive Idaho girl in regards to that block.

Couple of things I have been working on today

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

This piece is approx. 13″ (w) X 17″ (h). I think the title of this piece is going to be:

New York City
What is this Idaho Girl Getting Herself Into?

Makes me think of when Tom and I were engage and I lived in Maryland and I would come to New York for the week-end.  As I was crossing over the Hudson River on the George Washing Bridge I would look at the skyline of New York City and wonder was I was getting myself into.

(This block is 1 0 1/2″ X 10 1/2″)

NQA Member Spotlight

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

The National Quilting Association has started a new program where they are spotlighting a member each month. I have the honor of being spotlighted this month. Jump on over and see the entire article.