Kitchen Progress Dec. 5-9

Saturday, Dec. 3

Tom and I arrived home from Utah late Sunday evening.

We found that one wall had been tiled.

Pedro chipped out the wall behind this small piece of the baseborad to try and make it better for the door on the frig to open.

Baseboard around the back door was installed.

Larger view of the door with the casing.

The baseboard was re-installed.  It looks pretty rough right now.  I think I have my work cut out for me to getting it looking really nice.

Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2012

Peedro installed the ceiling fan.

On Monday I discovered that we had a BIG problem with the desk drawers – they were not big enough for files.  The is a big problem.  Pedro is a true problem solver and rebuild the drawers and now the frame and files fit in the drawer and they will close.  YAH!!!!

The Garbage pull-out rack is also installed under the sink

Things are really getting pretty exciting.


Thursday, Dec. 8

Pedro does excellent work.  Here is the heat vent that he covered with wood that matched the inside of the cabinets.

Here is the cabinet with the drawers attached.

The idea that Pedro came up with to put the heat vent coming out above the microwave was such a good idea.

The tiles on the walls are installed.

I am getting really excited to use this kitchen!

Friday, Dec. 9

Getting ready to grout the tile.

Sacramento is doing the grout while Pedro……………

works on drilling the holes in the cabinets.

The holes are all drilled and we have…………

a few shelves in the cabinets.

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