Progress the Week After Thanksgiving

Nov. 28 – Monday
Tom was very good about sending me picture updates of what was going on in the kitchen the week I was in Utah.  I just was not very good about posting them here on the blog.  So, better late than never.

Most of the doors are installed.

This drawer was installed because it is not a real drawer (under the sink).

Nov. 29 – Tuesday

Crown molding installed on the upper cabinets.

Drawer hardware installed.

Wednesday – Nov. 30

The wall tiles finally arrived.  There were REAL problems in getting this tile.  I had purchased it back in October to make sure that I was not the reason for a delay in the kitchen.  When I tried to pick it up a few times before I was leaving town I was told by Jamie that it would be available to pick-up in a few days.  Shame on me for believing him.  As it turned it he was not being honest with me.  When I went in to pick it up on the promised Friday before I was leaving – again it was not there.  I then told Jamie that I was leaving town and that this was not acceptable.  He told me that he would deliver the tile to my house when they installed the counter tops.  Well…………………..when he went to bring the promised tiles to my house they were THE WRONG TILE!  Needless to say – I was not very thrilled about all of this.

Not to worry, the Friday after Thanksgiving he sent a driver out to Long Island to pick up the correct tiles only to find out they were the wrong tiles also.  Now I am getting really worried.  As Jamie started to call around he was not finding any of the tiles that we had order.  He then expanded his search and ended up finding some down on the Jersey shore.

One good thing about the missing tiles – it was keeping the heat off of Pedro for a few days.

Here is the bull nose tiles that will be on the edge above the sink.

Dec. 1 – Thursday

The keyboard drawer is installed.

The file cabinets drawers

the kitchen drawers

and the doors on the pantry.

I LOVE the beautiful crown molding.  I am really pleased with the work that Pedro is doing.

Dec. 2 – Friday
The Appliances are Installed

The dishwasher………….

the stove (but the gas line will be attached after the wall is grouted and sealed)

and the refrigerator.

Overview of the kitchen with the appliances.

Here is a problem child, because of the thick thick casings we have it hits the frig door here on the corner.  Pedro and Tom are thinking that some brown wood there like it on the side of the cabinet (see below).  WRONG – I said that whatever they did it had to be something that would be white.

I am getting really excited to see all of this in person.  It has been hard to be away and know all of this work is going on – but I had a wonderful time with Emily, Ben and the kids.

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