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Grandma Fix!!!!!!

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

I was in Utah from Nov. 10-15.  It is GREAT being able to spend time with the little kiddies.  There was one problem – I missed seeing one of my little Grandson’s while in Utah, but he is coming to Grandma and Grandpa’s in December so I will get to see him then!

002Autumn working on crafts.
004The craft project Prairie choose while at JoAnn’s.
005Zephry and his mommy!
012Autmn in her new skirt from the fabric that she chose during our visit to JoAnn’s.
Autmn celebrated her 6th birthday while I was there. 034Here she is on her new bike.041



030Prairie on her “new” bike.  It sure is wonderful when the Big Sister gets a new bike and then the little sister gets a new bike.
016Jennie with her pogies.
The last night I was there I stayed up kind of late making this outfit for Autumn and her doll.  045

Yankees Seats

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Last night, Tom brought out his Yankees seats to watch Game Six of the 2009 World Series.  When we first got married, he said that his Yankees seats were only to be used when the Yankees were playing in the World Series.   (This was revised to any World Series games because of the lack of use during the past several years).

Yankee Seats
Last night, the seats came out in their full glory – being used exactly how Tom’s original intent was – watching the Yankees in the World Series. 
Eating Peanuts
This fan was very careful to hit the garbage can with his peanut shells since he is the one that usually cleans up the floor on garbage night (which happens to be Wednesdays).
Live Shot [1]
Great field level view in original Yankees Stadium seats.  What more could a die-hard Yankees fan want?

For the Yankees to WIN, of course!  It was a great night –  #27 it is!!!!!!!

Grandma to the Rescue

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

At the end of last week Emily and Ben’s family had to make an unplanned trip to Iowa for a very sad event in their family.  Their unplanned trip put Emily’s plans for working on the girls Halloween costumes on hold.  Prairie wants to be Diego this year so Emily looked on Esty and found a patch that she could order.  I told her not to worry about it, I would take care of ordering it.  I got involved in all my activites in Houston (and did not really have a good internet connection) and just did not get the patch order.  Yesterday I knew that I had to make it myself.  (I know it is not an exact circle – but I am hoping that my 3 year old granddaughter will not notice – I think that I will stick with quilting.)  

I had the patch completed and called Emily to see if she wanted me to do anything else.  She said I could make a Diego vest – so I do.  I completed it about 15 minutes prior to my classes starting.  Man am I glad that the post office is just 1/2 block from my house.  Ran to the Post Office and was back in time for my class to start.

The last thing that Emily has to deal with on this costume is the hair issue.  Prairie is insistent that she has “Boy” hair, in fact, she wants to cut her hair.  Stay tuned for the end of this story.

Have a GREAT day!!!!

Happy 80th Birthday Nana!!!!!

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Sunday was Nana’s (Tom’s mother) 80th Birthday. She didn’t want anything big, so we decided that we would all have a picnic/barbecue at an area along the Jersey side of the Hudson River.

Nana and Peter (Peter’s birthday was also yesterday)

Lots of the family – lots to show for Nana’s 80 years.

Here are a couple of water views from the park we were at.

This is the George Washington Bridge.

Nana opening her Easy Does It “Hexabag”.

Tom and I had the assignment for something to put the candles on. I thought it would be fun to have 80 cupcakes. Since I didn’t think there was anyway we would eat that many large cupcakes, we made mini cupcakes. I had the letter candles left over from my b-day party so I found the NANA and put them into the cupcakes.

I also found these fun curly candles – but we only put a few – one for each decade +1.

Here is Nana blowing out her candles with a little help from Eric.
Thank you Nana for the wonderful life you have lived and the influence it has had on m life!

Yah for Grandkids!!!!!!

Thursday, June 25th, 2009
I think that Zephyr was the one that changed the most since I last saw the Grandkids.

It was great having our kids from Utah for the 50 1/2 Birthday Party. Jason, Christy and Ty came the week before the party and the Weinheimer’s & Yri’s came a couple of days before and they stayed for a few days after.
We had a FULL house – Zephyr had to sleep in the laundry basket.
Here are the three older one Grandkids.

It’s great being a Grandma – easy to laugh at all the cute things the kids do.

Ty and his daddy playing air hockey.

I think we have an alien visiting.

or could it be one of our own.

Surprise! Surprise – it’s Autumn!

Saturday Grandpa and Grandma took the girls to the Aquarium.

Lunch at Burger King.

The last night the Weinheimer’s were here Emily and I were working on finishing up a sewing project. We went pretty late into the night. Zephry was with us in the basement. He is sleeping on the chair in my studio. Looks like a bandit to me.

Happy Anniversary

Thursday, June 25th, 2009
Tom and I celebrated our 11th Anniversary on Saturday.We dined at an exclusive restaurant in Pelham, New York.
We had the best server ever!

The server had a small helper that added interest.

Have you ever had cute servers like these two?

Asking for input…….

Off to the kitchen.

No photos please…….way to much work to be done.

Some of the kitchen help.Thanks Autumn and Prairie (and there boss – Emily) for making our anniversay so special!!!

Made by Jennie

Thursday, June 18th, 2009
Jennie (my daughter) made this wallhanging as a gift for the
QQQ 50 1/2 Birthday Party. Thanks Jennie – I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Here is the picture she used as her guide.

Quick trip to Utah

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009
On Friday morning Tom and I flew to Utah for Zephyr’s blessing. Zephyr is smiling all the time. Babies change so quickly.
Here are the three older grandkids. Friday afternoon we had a barbaque in Emily and Ben’s backyard.

Snuggle time with Prairie

On Saturday evening Grandpa and Grandma babysat Autumn and Prairie. Emily and Ben went to a movie and dinner to celebrate their 7th Anniversary.
We took the girls to Jump On It and met Jason, Christy and Ty there.

Here is Christy getting some good air. Autumn really had a good time.

Prairie had fallen asleep on the way there, so it took her alittle while to enjoy herself,
but she did at the end.

Ty was fearless. He just ran from trampoline to trampoline.

The Weinehimer family on our way home after the baby blessing. Ben gave a wonderful blessing. We are thankful to have him in our family.

This was Zephyr’s special day, but I don’t think he was feeling so special right then.
Emily designed and constructed this outfit. I love the bow tie.
They actually tie is each time!
After the blessing we went back to Emily and Ben’s for lunch. Ben’s uncle stopped by. He came in his small fire truck. Everyone was pretty interested in it. It also created a great opportunity to get almost everyone together for a group shot.

Tom gave me this sweatshirt for Mother’s Day.

On Monday we went to This is the Place Park with Jason and family. It was Baby Animal Day. We had a great time.

Anyone for the Derby?

Tom and I flew home on Monday afternoon. We arrived back in Pelham around midnight. We had a great week-end. We love our family and enjoy seeing them.

Northern Star Quilters Guild Show

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Last weekend was the quilt show for Northern Star Quilters – A World of Quilts XXX.Here is Autumn’s quilt with its beautiful ribbon. I loved being able to show off my quilt that my 5 year old granddaughter had made for me.

I took a picture with my phone and sent it to her in Utah. That night she called and asked if she could keep the ribbon. Of course, but could I keep it long enough to hang it up with her quilt at my QQQ 50 1/2 Birthday Party. (Not sure what this is – a post is coming on this next week.)
This quilt was made by Michelle (age 12) – one of my sewing students.

Viewers choice – Daylily – by Inge Stahl
First Fruits – by Carol Auer
Plaid Bow Ties by Susie Andersen & Margie Lambeth

Havana Nights by Micki Tedeschi
Now for my quilts:
Back to School

Grandma’s Hexagarden

The Generations Unite

This quilt got alot of attention – may quilters enjoyed the stories behind this quilt.

Happy Memories – aka Gift Bag Swap

Grandma Wrap-up

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

I had a wonderful time in Utah last week! The kids were wonderful. This Grandma thinks it’s good that the younger people have the new babies because it is a lot of hard work – but LOTS of FUN!!!!!! Here are a bunch of pictures from the week’s activities.

We frosted sugar cookies that Emily had made before my arrival.

The scary pirate.

Take a nap (ha, ha, ha!)

What was I thinking when I bought these HUGH suckers?

Zephyr has two proud big sisters!

Lot’s of fun times!!!!!

Mommy and baby time!

One day Jennie and I took the girls to Jump On It!
We had a lot of fun, but my legs are way out of shape.

Relaxing after a workout at Jump on It!

The snowstorm on April 15!

On Saturday we met Jason, Christy and Ty at the park in Salt Lake City. Nice day, but a little windy.

Here are my four Grandchildren!