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2010 Hope – NSQG Challenge

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

On Tuesday night the Northern Star Quilters had the voting for their 2010 Challenge.  I was honored to win this ribbon………… 

Here is the completed top.   It measures 20″ (length) X 10″ width.  The petals on the flowers are 3-D and VERY small!

Read all the rules for the challenge here.

(Can you see the HOPE in the fence and the 2010 in the center of the flowers?)

A WET Weekend

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Here is the OFFICIAL measurement from the Ciccotelli’s very scientific rain measuring device (our recycling bin) – 5 1/2″.  Despite all the rain, we were in the lucky group that did not loose power.  Tom was at a scouting event all day Saturday and I stayed at home and worked on a quilt that is going on our bed.  (I painted the room in Feb. 2009, but I have done much of the fun decorating – maybe this Spring?)

Here is the top (without the borders)

I am wondering if I should make a couple of pillow shams – but the size of the blocks might make them kind of weird size.

What do you think?

A sneak peek!

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

The 2010 Challenge quilts were due at the January Northern Star Quilters guild meeting.  Of course since I am the Queen of  the Last Minute Projects, I was finishing up this quilt after my children’s sewing classes the night of the guild meeting.  I have really got to start getting things done earlier – it is getting hard on my nerves to cut things so close.  

Below is a summary of the guidelines for NSQG 2010 Challenge:

The year 2009 was a hard year for many people around the world, but it was also a year of renewed hope. This challenge is an opportunity to create a quilted expression of what you hope the year 2010 will bring to you, your family, your country or your planet.

Finished quilt is to measure 20 in. high by 10 in. wide. (Vertical orientation ONLY!)
The number 2010 must be incorporated in the quilt design.
Incorporate ONE or BOTH of the following words in the design of your quilt: “HOPE” “WISH”


Here is the sketch of my idea for the challenge.  Of course I had to include some of my 3-D works, so flowers were just the thing.

Here are a few of the reject flowers: 

I was going to do Sunflowers, but the first yellow one looked too much like the Sun, so I decided to do different colored flowers.  I can’t remember why this cute little purple one was a reject – but it was.

This pretty hot pink flower measures just under 5″ across – kinda of big for a piece that is only going to be 10″ wide.

I really like this pink flower – but again I didn’t do it small enough.  It was smaller, but not small enough.  It measure 4 3/4″ from point to point across.  It has 24 points, that is a lot of little pieces to sew together.

Now talk about crazy.  This little flower was the correct size – but it was more 3-D than I wanted.  I didn’t think  this piece need a pink volcanco in it.  Back to the sewing machine.  I was getting pretty tired of ALL these problems!

View of the volcano from the side.

Finally – success with the flowers.  I was getting tired of piecing flowers, so I opted to do a half flower for one of them.  I like this shape of flower.  I think I will have to incorporate it into a larger Sunflower piece that I am working on.

I am dedicating this small wallhanging to my daughter as she is dealing with a pending divorce.

The voting for this challenge is on February 16  March 16 (it was postponed because of a snow storm).  I’ll post pictures of the front then.

Past Projects

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

I have been spending ALOT of time gathering, cropping and adjusting photos to prepare them for the galleries on my new website. When I did my website in 2006 my daughters were looking forward to me having a very inclusive gallery. Well – that never happened. It was something that I was always going to do, but it never got done. So, now I am getting the photos ready so it will get done. Needless to say, I don’t have anyting new to show you so I thought I would go back and share a couple of projects that I have not shared before.

This first quilt was made for Pres. & Sis. Jackson after their move to Utah. He purchased the border fabric when he was a 19 year old missionary serving in a foreign country. While Pres. Jackson and his wife were packing to move he decided that he had been hauling around this fabric for too many years and it was time to give it to someone that would actually use the fabric. Thus – the fabric came to my home. I decided to use it to make a quilt for he and his wife as a thank you from our stake for all they had done for the church in the Westchester/Bronx New York area.

Here we are all set-up ready for Stake members to sign the quilt.
(Of course, the Queen of PROJECTS (this is the title my daughters gave me at the QQQ Birthday party) is still working on the binding.)

Stake members signing the quilt down at the Kingsbridge building.

Thank heavens for labels because now I can remember which year I made this quilt.

Pres. & Sis. Jackson in front of their quilt.

I had a bunch of pieces leftover and I didn’t want them left hanging around (which I still have a few pieces doing that in my studio) so here is the FUN BACK that used alot of those scraps.

The next quilt is “We Love Kristin”
Kristin was a member of our Relief Society at church and she was going through a very difficult time so we (the Relief Society) decided to make her a wallhanging.
I had just discoverd folded hexagons so I used them for the flowers on this wallhanging.
Above is the front of the quilt.

Many of the sister signed squares that I incorporated on the back of the wallhaning. I did a hidden rod pocket so that the wallhaning could be hung on either side.
Again, another very fun back.
(Can you see a lecture developing here? Fun Backs – Going the Extra Mile.)

I used one of the squares for the label.

Hope your enjoyed a little stroll with me down memory lane.

Waste Not – Want Not????

Thursday, May 28th, 2009
While we were at This the the Place Heritage Park we went inside the
Deseret Hospital which also included an antique quilt display. The quilt storage system was really cool.
Wonder where I could put one of these in my house? Do we really need our new bed?
This is the ultimate Waste Not – Want Not Quilt.

What better thing to do with squirrel skins than use them in your quilt?

Sorry, count me out. This quilt didn’t make it anywhere near my “Some Day” list!

My Dad

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

My Father passed away on February 20 so Tom and I were on an airplane the next day to Idaho. My Father was 84 years old and lived a very good life, work HARD, and loved his family very much. I stayed in Idaho one week and then went back to Utah with my two daughters and their families and stayed there for an additional three days.

This is a quilt I made for my Dad’s 80th Birthday.
At his party everyone signed the back of the quilt.

Here are a hammer and saw to represent the love my father had of construction.

The greats (as referred to by my parents)

The grandkids and their spouses

Kids and their spouses

Prairie (top) and Autumn (below) enjoying their cake at the luncheon after the funneral.

Back in Provo, Autumn playing in a big box in their backyard.

Feeing GREAT about my 2008 UFO GOALS!!!!

Monday, February 4th, 2008

UFO projects completed January 2008

Pinwheel Magic #2 This quilt is based on the same quilt that Emily designed for her wedding quilt in 2002.
One evening last week I went to my studio to sew two LARGE pieces of blue fabric together for the back of this quit. I looked at this large bag of scraps I had from the two purple and blue quilts I made for Emily and Ben’s wedding gifts and thought I could use a few of the larger pieces in the back with the yardage of blue fabric. Well, after a few hours it became my challenge to construct the back for this quilt from only scraps. And that is exactly what I did!
By now I was on a roll – so I decided that I could also peice together a few large pieces of batting. I am smiling alot when I look at this quilt. I used up the bag of scraps, used pieces of batting that I had laying around that I really didn’t have a place to store and I have this quilt hanging on my railing upstairs and can enjoy it! (Thank you Jennie and Emily for your encouragement in working on my UFO’s this year!)
Here is a detail of the quilting first from the back of the quilt and then from the front.

And the label for the quilt.

Ugly Duckling #2

This story of the quilt is on the label

Other projects worked on during January 2008

1. Folded 9 hexagon flowers units for Grandma’s Hexagarden wallhanging

2. Cut batik scraps into squares and triangles for QQQ quilt

Layout for the QQQ quilt
Border detail

3. Worked on piecing mountains for Jennie’s graduation quilt (my NOYB project – pictures next week)
4. Made curtain for Jennie’s kitchen cabinet
5. Made a new body for Autumn’s baby Atikus
6. Worked on Gift Bag swap quilt (completed top, redesigned, took apart and put back together, was not completey happy, took apart again and repieced except borders)

Here is the top put back together the second time,
upon looking at it I decided that the orange was too big (you loose the circle in the center).

The top reconstructed (third time is the charm) awaiting the border and applique.

The Seven Year Itch

Monday, November 26th, 2007
Nativity Advent Wallhanging
constructed by Mary Anne Ciccotelli
Pelham, New York
November 2000 – November 2007

This project was started November 2000 in Ames, Iowa. My daughter Emily and I went to visit Iowa State University during her senior year to see the campus and check out the programs the school offered. Her boyfriend (at the time) was attending Iowa State, so needless to say, I had a lot of time to fill by myself. Luckily, there was a JoAnn’s fabric store in Ames. I found a book with the pattern for this advent calendar in it. I love to collect nativity scenes so I decided this was the perfect project. I also decided that I should make three – one for me and one for each of my daughters. I purchased little bits of fabric and other needed supplies and started working on the nativity figures that weekend in Iowa.

Each Christmas season, I would pull this project out and do a little more work on it. This past September, as I was preparing for my visit to Idaho, Emily suggested that I bring these wallhangings to Idaho and work on them. I did not quite get them completed while in Idaho, but I did continue to work on them. At last, these projects are off my UFO list.
(From the pattern – Glad Tidings Advent by Art to Heart)

There are 23 figures and the wallhanging. I am thinking put can put the wallhanging up Dec. 1 and then move a figure to the manger scene each day up until Christmas. I only did 24 things because then you can complete the scene on Dec. 24 when you still have time to enjoy it. Because when Christmas comes everyone is usually so busy with the gifts to put the last item on the scene.

Here is a picture of one of the labels.
All the figures our in the Manager scene.

I love the sheep.

This is one of my favorite figues. I love how I used ends of toothpicks for the drumsticks.

You would think that I since I just finished three projects off my UFO (UnFinished Objects) list, that I wouldn’t want to start anything new. Sorry to say, that is not quite how it works, so here is a picture of one of my newest projects. I wanted something easy to display the folded hexagon oraments when I am out doing the hands-on-demo, so I thought of putting them in a wallhanging with a Christmas tree. Here is the beginning of the project, I will probably not do much more on it until late February because my next demo is scheduled for sometime in March.
I thought is would be fun for the Christmas tree to be 3-dimensional also.

Here is one folded hexagon I have made for it, now to make some more to make the tree look even better. And maybe even some working lights? Have to wait and see how things all work out.

This is another project that I am working on,
but…………………. NOYB!!!!
(None Of Your Business)

What have I been up to!

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

I have been busy since my last post teaching the Children’s sewing summer camps. The last camp ended on Thursday, Aug. 23. During the 8 weeks of camp 800 hours of sewing took place in my studio by the campers. No wonder I feel tired. You can view pictures of alot of the students projects at:

I have also been able to get a little time in at the sewing machine myself. Last year I was the program chair for the Village Squares Quilters. At the February meeting me made wheel chair bags. I made a mistake when cutting the kits and all the bag kits were cut the wrong size. During June I decided to fix the problem so I figured out a way to make the bags the right size (bigger than the original size). After fixing the miscut kits I then started to work on using up a collection of decorator fabrics that I have collected over the years from different sources. Also about this time I also received a fabric donation from the mother of a past student. This donation also contained a lot of decorator fabric. Instead of wondering what I was going to do with the decorator fabric I start to cut it into wheel chair bag kits. Today 80 of the wheel chair bags that I made were delivered to the outreach coordinator of Village Squares Quilters who will in turn make sure the bags are delivered to Burke Rehabliaton Center for their rehab. patients.

Tom and I visit an older lady from our church. She has been a nursing home the past year and has finally realized that she will never be able to return to her apartment. So, we are in the process of closing her apartment for her. (I really must throw a bunch of stuff away so our kids won’t have such a mess to go through when we are gone.) Anyway, Anna’s birthday is one week from today. She will be turning 80 years old. She had three sons that have predeceased her, and does not really have anyone else in the area. She has latched on to Tom as her son. For her birthday I am making her a quilt. She said that she liked blue and black. So, this is what I have come up with for her quilt. This should add some color to her room also.

My newest quilt project is a “Back to School” quilt. This will be hung in my studio for the kids to stand in front of for their pictures in September and the first part of October.

I decided that the “Back to School” was to big but I could not face cutting out all those individual pieces again. So I got out my embroidery unit for my Bernina and designed the lettering on my computer and downloaded it to my sewing machine to stitch it out. I was pretty happy that I figured out how to do that. Now I am working on stitching the wording for the crayon border. I am making eight different colors of crayons that will be scattered around the outside of the calculator quilt.

Quilt Show photos

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
Underwater Maddness (2006)

Here I am with my blue ribbon. This quilt was so much fun to make.

The Legacy Lives On (2006)

The original Double Wedding Ring quilt was made by Hannah Maria Jensen Mortensen for her granddaughter Carma Mortensen Ricks as a wedding gift around 1942. Carma stored her precious quilt on the top shelf of a closet. The quilt was accidentally pushed up against a light bulb and was scorched and burned beyond repair. Years later, for a Young Women’s project, Hillary Landon (Carma’s granddaughter) cut pieces of the quilt and framed them for family members.

In 2002, Mary Anne Ricks Ciccotelli (Carma’s daughter) decided that she wanted to make a reproduction of the original quilt as a tribute to her great-grandmother and mother. To make it as authentic as possible, she collected feedsacks on eBay. Because of knee surgery in 2004 and not being able to get to her sewing machine, she opted to hand-piece the quilt top. During a visit to Idaho in August of that same year, Deanna Ricks Wade, Susan Ricks Landon (Mary Anne’s sisters) and Connie Christensen Andersen (Mary Anne’s childhood friend) helped hand-quilt around the rings of the quilt. Mary Anne took the quilt home to New York to complete the hand-quilting.

To the Beach and Beyond (2006)

I made this quilt to hang in my studio during the summer camps that I teach. At the end of the week each camper signs the back of the quilt.

This quilt top was a wedding quilt for Jennie made by her Grandma Ricks (she made a quilt like this for each of her granddaughters prior to her death). Since Jennie is one of the younger granddaughters, her did not get quilted. I quilted it for her.