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Quilt Show photos

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
Underwater Maddness (2006)

Here I am with my blue ribbon. This quilt was so much fun to make.

The Legacy Lives On (2006)

The original Double Wedding Ring quilt was made by Hannah Maria Jensen Mortensen for her granddaughter Carma Mortensen Ricks as a wedding gift around 1942. Carma stored her precious quilt on the top shelf of a closet. The quilt was accidentally pushed up against a light bulb and was scorched and burned beyond repair. Years later, for a Young Women’s project, Hillary Landon (Carma’s granddaughter) cut pieces of the quilt and framed them for family members.

In 2002, Mary Anne Ricks Ciccotelli (Carma’s daughter) decided that she wanted to make a reproduction of the original quilt as a tribute to her great-grandmother and mother. To make it as authentic as possible, she collected feedsacks on eBay. Because of knee surgery in 2004 and not being able to get to her sewing machine, she opted to hand-piece the quilt top. During a visit to Idaho in August of that same year, Deanna Ricks Wade, Susan Ricks Landon (Mary Anne’s sisters) and Connie Christensen Andersen (Mary Anne’s childhood friend) helped hand-quilt around the rings of the quilt. Mary Anne took the quilt home to New York to complete the hand-quilting.

To the Beach and Beyond (2006)

I made this quilt to hang in my studio during the summer camps that I teach. At the end of the week each camper signs the back of the quilt.

This quilt top was a wedding quilt for Jennie made by her Grandma Ricks (she made a quilt like this for each of her granddaughters prior to her death). Since Jennie is one of the younger granddaughters, her did not get quilted. I quilted it for her.

#13 is My Lucky Number

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

Yesterday the Village Square Quilters had the voting for the Challenge Quilt competition. I finished binding the quilt during the board meeting. I then left the meeting to turn in my piece for the competition. I was the 13th person to enter a piece so my entry number was 13. A lot of people would think this was bad luck, but I have a different opinion of the #13. My birthday is on 12-13. Tom asked me to marry him on 9-13 at 9:13 am. He gave me my ring on 12-13 at 12:13 am. We would have been married on 6-13, but the kids were still in school, so we had to give up on our luck 13 and waited one week.

When I entered this quilt (Japanese Delight 2003) into the City Quilter challenge I was also #13 and I won 2nd place.

This quilt is named #13 (2005). Whe I entered this quilt into the New Jersey State Quilt Guild Convention show, I won 2nd place.

Well, the number 13 came through for me, I won my first 1st place ribbon in the VSQ challenge.

There were some really nice challenge quilts made this year. Twenty-two quilters participated in the challenge. As they were announcing the winners, when they came to 1st place, it was mentioned that maybe #13 is not always unlucky, It was then announced #13, Mary Anne Ciccotelli had won 1st place. I was pretty excited. I love the piece and its great when other like your work also. VSQ is going to present the ribbons at the quilt show the first week-end of November.

Appliquéing completed!

Friday, October 6th, 2006

I just completed appliquéing all the parts on to my Under Water Madness. Original I satin stitch around the first few rocks of the arch, but it didn’t look right. So I took out the satin stitching and did just a plain stright stitch. I liked that much better. Now for the beading. I am not sure exactly what I am planning to do; I guess I will see where this project takes me next.

These Yellow Tang’s are getting better. Now they just need their eyes.

This must be an blind Eel because I am not sure how to do the eye.

The Clown fish

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

On Tuesday I consulted with my animal experet (Emily, the Animal Ecology graduate) to determine if I had nine different kinds of fish. Well, I had counted a couple of creatures as fish and but they actually belong to other families. So, I had to make some more fish. Nemo will be happy because I included a Clown fish.

Here is the close-up of the Clown fish

The Octopus or should I say “Nonapus?”

Did you know that a Sea Horse cannot roll its tail backwards?

The Yellow Tang fish definately need their detail!

Do you know what these are called?

These fish just need their bubbles!

My Imagination Continues Going Wild

Sunday, September 24th, 2006

As I continue to work on this wallhanging my imagination continues going wild. I guess it matches the name of the Challenge – “Nature Gone Wild”.

The rules of the challenge are:
1. The entry must have three layers and be a quilted wall hanging.
2. In honor of our 9th quilt show you must bring a sense of “nineness” to your quilt. This could mean using 9 fabrics or making a nine patch, or showing 9 figures or flowers, or sewing on 9 beads, or having a perimeter divisible by 9. If all else fails, sew 9 dots onto your quilt someplace.
3. The choice of fabrics, size, use of emblellishment is up to you.
4. Your quilts are due at the October 2006 meeting.

When I ironed on the first cheesecloth (orange) coral on the backing fabric the fusible web came through onto the paper that I had on top to protect the iron.

Under the Sea #2

Thursday, September 21st, 2006
Preliminary layout.

Under The Sea

Wednesday, September 20th, 2006

Yesterday I started working on the Challenge Quilt for the Village Square Quilters Guild. The title of the challenge is “Nature Gone Wild”. A few months ago Tom and I were at New Roc and at the mini golf place I saw the coolest display of florcent colored fish with a black background. Immediatetly I thought of how cool this would look as a quilt. This project was added to “A Quilt I Must Make Someday” list. When the VQS challenge was announced, I decided it was time to move this idea to the top of the “To Do” list.

The challenge quilts are due Oct. 10, so I need to get a move on it.

Now the fun begins – putting all my ideas to work.