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Houston – here we come!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

I just received notification that both Grandma’s Hexagarden and The Generations Unite have been selected as finalists to be exhibited at the 2009 International Quilt Festival/Houston in the annual IQA fall Judged Show, Quilts: A World of Beauty. The quilts need to be in Hoston by Aug. 5 (I guess they will get to enjoy the REALLY HOT months in Texas). Tom and I are planning on flying to Houston on Oct. 12. This way we will have a some time to play around before the show starts. We have booked rooms at the Hotel that is connected to the convention center. Needless to say I am pretty excited!!!!!!

Here are the pictures that I sent to IQA for the jury process:
Grandma’s Hexagarden


The Generation’s Unite

(White side – aka The Front)

(Detail: White side – aka The Front)

(Green side – aka The Back)
Emily and I were talking and she suggested (to which I had already thought of, but didn’t know if I was up to making more of the folded hexagons) that I should add a group of the three folded hexagons on each side of the quilt.
What do you think?

(Detail: Green side – aka The Back)

When I sent my submission to IQA I did book some rooms at a Hotel that is about 1 mile away from the convetnion center. After receiving notice that my quilts were going to Houton Tom suggested that I should do this right and get rooms at the Hotel connected to the convention center. Tom is very supportive of me and my quilting adventures. Once again, little did he know how much that FREE Quilt was actually going to cost.

If anyone wants to join the fun I have a couple of extra rooms.

The 6th Generation

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Here is my granddaughter at the QQQ 50 1/2 Birthday party with the quilt she made me. She is already planning other quilts she wants to make.

The Generations Unite

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

I have decided to submit this quilt to Houston. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I have been playing (actually working pretty hard) to get just the right pictures to submit. What do you think?

The Generations Unite (Completed)

Monday, May 4th, 2009
Here is the white side of the quilt.

Here is the green side before I added the folded hexagons.

Tuesday evening before taking the quilt up to drop it off for the judging – I had Tom hold it up so I could get a picture with the flowers onit also.

I ended up doing alot more quilting. I did an echo quilting line around the small circles. I did a heavy loopy stitch on the outer side of the embroidery blocks.

Here is a close-up of the green side of the quilt.

The title with the folded hexagons. (Those little guys took along time to fold.) Shoot me before I start the next project that I am considering that would be made from this 1″ size of folded hexagons. (AM I CRAZY – probably so.)

I had three extra flowers, so I decided to add them below the label of those that had touched and worked on this quilt.

If you want to read all the post about the progress of this project, just click here.

The Generations Unite – The Story of the Quilters

Monday, May 4th, 2009
My Great-Grandma

Every quilt that I have seen that she has made has been either a double wedding ring or gloried nine-patch, so the gloried nine-patch blocks on the white side of the quilt are in her memory.

2nd Generation – My Grandma

This is the quilt that my Grandma made for me.

The green side of “The Generations Unite” has the same layout as this quilt.

3rd Generation – My Mom
When my mom passed away she had a few sets of embroidered blocks in her hope chest that she had completed. When I saw the set used in The Generations Unite I thought that I could make gloried nine-patch blocks and they would coordinate together.

My mom worked on these blocks while she waited for me at the orthodontist.

(I had my braces on for four years – she had plenty of time to complete them.)

My mom made this quilt top for Emily.

Quilting this quilt was one of the wedding preparations that we did before Emily and Ben’s wedding.

4th Generation – Me

I am a Hexamanic –
there had to be folded hexagons on this quilt to represent me.

The 5th Generation – my two daughters.

Jennie (left) & Emily (right)

Here is an Easy Pieces block quilt made by Emily in 2008.

Jennie discovered paper-piecing while working with me to make a quilt for her friend for

“Best Friend Day”.

Here is a close-up of the peacock that she paper-pieced for this quilt.

The 6th Generation – my granddaughters.

Christmas 2008 –

Prairie (left) and Autumn (right) wearing dresses that I made for

their mother and Aunt many years ago.

Autumn making her hand….

and foot prints.
(She was kind of bored with the whole process by the end – TV was much for interesting.)

Here we are getting Prairie’s foot prints (six days old).

When I did the foot prints and hand prints I was not sure of the layout, so I wanted to make sure that I had plenty. Needless to say, I have a few extras, but I have an idea of how to use them! But it will have to wait until after the big QQQ 50 1/2 Birthday Party.


Friday, April 24th, 2009

Almost – that is. While the quilt was laying on my bed a found three places that I missed a few of the grid lines.

I don’t know if the circle is too puffy, or is it okay? If it does need more quilting, I am not exactl sure what I would put.

Two for the price of one (here is the other side of the quilt).

At 3:30 am this morning I decided to email the person that is over quilt registration for the quilt show and see if I could drop the quilt off to her house on Monday evening or Tuesday morning. If not, I would have to withdraw this quilt – there was no way I was going to be able to go get it comleted by Saturday afternoon.
At 6:30 am I had to get up to help Tom take our car that got the doors smashed in the car accident the day I left for Utah. When I got home the lady had not emailed me back so I thought that maybe I should go down and just start working to see if I could by chance still get it completed. But, GOOD NEWS – I can drop off the quilt at her home on Tuesday. I will need to take my other quilts on Saturday. I am off to take a nap before I go to the temple tonight.

Queen of the FROG STITCH!!!!!!

Thursday, April 9th, 2009
Last night I started quilting the glorified nine-patch blocks and I was not feeling as “in love” with these blocks as I was with my mother’s embroidery blocks. I didn’t really like the quilting designs but I didn’t have any other ideas so I just kept quilting the next block. Today I didn’t get a chance to do much quilting because I was trying to put away and sort through a bunch of the STUFF (and junk) that I took out of our bedroom and the guest bedroom. I was going to list (Craig’s List) the bookcase that my father had made for me many years ago, but then I just could not bear to part with it. So, I started to look around our house to see what changes I could make tomake room for the book case. I moved this table (that held the stero) and…………..

and put the book case where the table had been next to the fireplace. I think that we are going to take the recliner that we put in the sewing room up here. This one looks really worn and doesn’t look that great. Nice to sort through some of the junk, but nicer to be back down in my studio with George.Here is one of the blocks all quilted – not making my heart sing 🙁
Tonight before dinner Tom needed to make some copies to prepare for a meeting he has tonight. So I went down to say hi to George. I finished one of the embroidery blocks that I had started last night. Then I thought, this quilting is NOT doing it for me – I had better try something else.

This is what I tried, and I think I like it alot better. Definateatly defines the circle space better. and now the blocks stand out instead of being over shadowed by the quilting!


(Picture from

rip-it, rip-it, rip-it.

Update on the quilting

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

I quilted the las embroidery block this morning. The more time I spend with this quilt the more I LOVE IT!!!!! It makes my heart sing!!!!! I was so excited about it that I decided that it needed a test drive on a bed. It is actually going in the guest bedroom). That bed had some stuff on it, so I opted to ues our bed as the model this morning. I think this quilt will look really nice in the guest bedroom with the sponged yellow walls.

I am really pleased with how the quilting is looking (on both sides).

I didn’t plan it this way, but all the embroidery blocks ended up on the had prints and blank blocks. The glorified nine-patch blocks are on the foot print blocks. Now that I think about that fact, it makes sense. Back to my love affair with this quilt (please don’t tell Tom).

Spring Break

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

I do not have any classes this week becuase it it Spring Break. I am enjoying my time. I have a list of odds and ends that I want to accomplish in addition to getting a bunch (if not all (am I dreaming?)) of the quilting completed on the Generations Unite quilt. Yesterday and today I have been working on quilting my mom’s blocks. There are 12 blocks and I have completed 7 of them. Only 5 more to go, they each take about 1 hour, so no problem in finishing them today (AM I KIDDING MYSELF?)!!!!!!!

I am off to run some of my errands on my list of things to do and then it will be back to quilting. Tom has to go out tongiht so I won’t have to feel guilty about being in my studio all evening.

The Generations Unite

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009
On Monday I was taking some pictures (no, it is not completed – but it will be in time for the Northern Star Quilters Guild – 2009 Quilt Show A World Of Quilts XXX) to include with the entry forms. I thought you might like to see this quilt straight on. Side 1
Side 2

Everything lined up pretty well except for some issues that I have above the title. I figure that the folded hexagon flowers will cover those up, so I am not stress to much.
I can’t wait to get my taxes completed so I can get back to quilting on this quilt. I am also waiting the birth of my new little (or maybe not so little since my daughter is 2 weeks over due) grandson. One week after he is born I will head to Utah for a week. If she waits until the end of this week to have him, then I will have my Springbreak week here in New York and then will head to Utah for a week of full-time Grandma (mother) duty. (I think that I will also take my Batik Circles quilt to see if I can get it pieced and maybe the Courgar Quilt to work on some of the blocks.)