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Back to School quilt and the Turkey quilt

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

I am contining to get more aquainted with George and I am liking it more and more.I completed the quilting on the Back to School quilt and have attached the rod pocket (the story of the rod pocked will be disclosed when I complete the quilt and include the label on this blog (see above) and binding. Now for the hand work.

Last night I pin basted the Turkey quilt and have started quilting it. I am wondering if there is anyway I can get these two quilts done this month. I have a couple of more days, so maybe so. That would make for a productive month in completing some of my UFOs.

The QQQ (50 1/2 Birthday) party is getting closer and closer – so I have to continue to be productive on my UFO’s.

Projects for this past week

Monday, February 11th, 2008
Gift Bag Swap Challenge –
sewed the orange borders back on, prepared the beehive, and worked on the flowers for the appliqued borders.
Now I am trying to decide if I want the flowers on just two corners opposite each other, or should I do the applied flowers all around the outside of the quilt. What do you think?

This is my NOYB project. Above is the quilt I made for Jennie (2003) when she wnet to Brigham Young University. When she got married things good pretty crazy with the moving and everything else and some of her things were never to be seen again. This quilt was one of the things that went missing. So I (with Emily’s suggestion and encouragement) decided to remake this quilt for Jennie for her graduation. I wasn’t really good with my timing – she graduated in December and I am still working on the quilt. Even with just pieces in the box, Jennie was pretty touched when she opened the present at her graduation party.

I encountered some problems when working on the mountains but, finally finshed piecing them this week. I have some of the flower blocks appliqued. I will try and do a couple of them this coming week.

This is another one of my UFOs. All these stars are from an international swap I particiapted in a few years ago. This week I have been embroidering the name of the maker and where they are from. The quilt’s name will be called “Stars from All-over” or I just had a thought, maybe I should call it “Quilting Stars from All-over”. Have to give that some thought. Might be a fun play on words – the star comes from all over and also the person (Quilter) is a star and they are from all over.

And I sewed 13 wheelchair bags this week.

Feeing GREAT about my 2008 UFO GOALS!!!!

Monday, February 4th, 2008

UFO projects completed January 2008

Pinwheel Magic #2 This quilt is based on the same quilt that Emily designed for her wedding quilt in 2002.
One evening last week I went to my studio to sew two LARGE pieces of blue fabric together for the back of this quit. I looked at this large bag of scraps I had from the two purple and blue quilts I made for Emily and Ben’s wedding gifts and thought I could use a few of the larger pieces in the back with the yardage of blue fabric. Well, after a few hours it became my challenge to construct the back for this quilt from only scraps. And that is exactly what I did!
By now I was on a roll – so I decided that I could also peice together a few large pieces of batting. I am smiling alot when I look at this quilt. I used up the bag of scraps, used pieces of batting that I had laying around that I really didn’t have a place to store and I have this quilt hanging on my railing upstairs and can enjoy it! (Thank you Jennie and Emily for your encouragement in working on my UFO’s this year!)
Here is a detail of the quilting first from the back of the quilt and then from the front.

And the label for the quilt.

Ugly Duckling #2

This story of the quilt is on the label

Other projects worked on during January 2008

1. Folded 9 hexagon flowers units for Grandma’s Hexagarden wallhanging

2. Cut batik scraps into squares and triangles for QQQ quilt

Layout for the QQQ quilt
Border detail

3. Worked on piecing mountains for Jennie’s graduation quilt (my NOYB project – pictures next week)
4. Made curtain for Jennie’s kitchen cabinet
5. Made a new body for Autumn’s baby Atikus
6. Worked on Gift Bag swap quilt (completed top, redesigned, took apart and put back together, was not completey happy, took apart again and repieced except borders)

Here is the top put back together the second time,
upon looking at it I decided that the orange was too big (you loose the circle in the center).

The top reconstructed (third time is the charm) awaiting the border and applique.

My projects thus far for 2008

Monday, January 21st, 2008
Grandma’s Hexagarden
QQQ Quilt – (Quinquagarian’s Quilt Quest)
QQQ Quilt – (Quinquagarian’s Quilt Quest)
Gift Bag Swap