The Generations Unite – The Story of the Quilters

My Great-Grandma

Every quilt that I have seen that she has made has been either a double wedding ring or gloried nine-patch, so the gloried nine-patch blocks on the white side of the quilt are in her memory.

2nd Generation – My Grandma

This is the quilt that my Grandma made for me.

The green side of “The Generations Unite” has the same layout as this quilt.

3rd Generation – My Mom
When my mom passed away she had a few sets of embroidered blocks in her hope chest that she had completed. When I saw the set used in The Generations Unite I thought that I could make gloried nine-patch blocks and they would coordinate together.

My mom worked on these blocks while she waited for me at the orthodontist.

(I had my braces on for four years – she had plenty of time to complete them.)

My mom made this quilt top for Emily.

Quilting this quilt was one of the wedding preparations that we did before Emily and Ben’s wedding.

4th Generation – Me

I am a Hexamanic –
there had to be folded hexagons on this quilt to represent me.

The 5th Generation – my two daughters.

Jennie (left) & Emily (right)

Here is an Easy Pieces block quilt made by Emily in 2008.

Jennie discovered paper-piecing while working with me to make a quilt for her friend for

“Best Friend Day”.

Here is a close-up of the peacock that she paper-pieced for this quilt.

The 6th Generation – my granddaughters.

Christmas 2008 –

Prairie (left) and Autumn (right) wearing dresses that I made for

their mother and Aunt many years ago.

Autumn making her hand….

and foot prints.
(She was kind of bored with the whole process by the end – TV was much for interesting.)

Here we are getting Prairie’s foot prints (six days old).

When I did the foot prints and hand prints I was not sure of the layout, so I wanted to make sure that I had plenty. Needless to say, I have a few extras, but I have an idea of how to use them! But it will have to wait until after the big QQQ 50 1/2 Birthday Party.

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  2. The Par Family says:

    I'm a new quilter and have REALLY enjoyed seeing part of your blog and website–I'll definitely be back to read and "glean" –can't wait to see your 50 1/2 showing–I must tear myself away and get to work, (work-work) not quilt work (rats!) You have a beautiful family and beautiful quilts!!

  3. Randy and Susan Landon says:

    I love your generation pictures. I do not remember seeing the one of Aunt LaDean

  4. Ryan + Angie says:

    That is amazing. I love all the stories that go along with it. What a neat quilt!

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